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January 2021

Oil-Expert Project Management - Rebuilt

I would like to use the beginning of 2021 to thank all users and customers for the trustful cooperation. Thanks to you, Oil-Expert.net has now become a comprehensive program package for the fat chemist. 2020 was a particularly stressful year for all of us and 2021 will also face great challenges. Nonetheless, I'd like to take a look at 2021 with you.

We will continuously develop Oil-Expert.net – new features and improvments. Most of the suggestions for changes came from our users. Thank you very much for that. The new version 7.1.7, which was published in January 2021, contains the following enhancements.

   •  Deactivation of entire component groups (e.g. animal fats)
   •  The project management was significantly improved by
       •  a sorting function according to various criteria
       •  a complex serach function
       •  implementation of categories
   •  Import functions of raw material prices from EXCEL workbooks

A detailed description of the new functions and improvements can be found in this newsletter no. 10.

Download - Newsletter 10


Any questions ?
Just write us an email or call us.
E-Mail: info@oil-expert.net Phone.: +49(0) 40 703 8569 12

September 2020

COVID-19 Pandemic

We have been living with the corona pandemic for more than half a year now. This has meanwhile also led to major upheavals in the daily business. Those who can work from home in the home office. The users of Oil-Expert.net have a significant advantage. Instead of measuring fat blends in the laboratory, they can in most cases calculate the analytical parameters of the fat blends from the home office. About 90% of product development can be relocated to the home office, with the exception of a few measurements to check the results.

Just try the free demo version without obligation. Simply request the download link and the activation key via email by E-Mail: info@oil-expert.net

It's that fast (max. 15 minutes)
   •  Download the software package
   •  Install Oil-Expert.net
   •  Start the software and enter the activation code
   •  Finished!

We wish all of our customers and business partners as well as their families to survive this difficult time without infection.

Download - Newsletter 09

March 2020

How the SFC calculation works in Oil-Expert.net

This newsletter describes in detail how SFC values are calculated. Due to the further development of Oil-Expert.net there are now a lot of possibilities, i.e. factors with which the calculation can be influenced. Under certain conditions, SFC values can even be calculated for blends whose components have been measured using different methods, e.g. for polymorphic and non-polymorphic fats.

The Newsletter 08 contains a summary of the current possibilities.

Please also consider the demo version. Simply request the download link and the activation key by E-Mail: info@oil-expert.net

Download - Newsletter 08

November 2019

Oil-Expert.net Release 6.7.0

With this release, the desire of many users who perform SFC measurements with different methods is realized. This is common practice, but there are problems in predicting the SFC values of fat blends whose components were measured by different methods. For example, if the fat blend contains both polymorphic and non-polymorphic fats.

With the implementation of correction factors, it is now possible with the new version of Oil-Expert.net, in many cases - in which SFC values were measured with different methods - to perform a prediction of the SFC values. Further details are in Newsletter No. 7.

As a reminder: A demo version with full functionality is available. The demo version can be easily downloaded from our website. If necessary, please contact us. You will receive a download link and a key to activate the software.

Download - Newsletter 07

March 2019

Oil-Expert.net Release 6.5.2

Among other things, the new release comes with new factors to improve the calculation of SFC values. There are now four different ways to adjust the calculation of SFC values and to increase accuracy.

Since most users work with MS ACCESS as database, there is now a feature that automatically compresses the database. That means to remove permanently already deleted data. This prevents the database from requiring more and more disk space over time.

In the newsletter 06 this time not the technical innovations are put in the foreground, but the advantages and applications of Oil-Expert.net.

Download - Newsletter 06

August 2018

Oil-Expert.net 6.5.0 released

The new release of Oil-Expert.net comes with many new improvements and enhancements and three new interesting features that make working with Oil-Expert.net much easier:

   •  Calculation of SFC values for any temperatures
   •  Estimation of the slip melting point
   •  Global settings for min/max amounts of component groups - eg interestifications - in recipes

Furthermore, the operation of Oil-Expert.net is now possible with the databases MS-SQL-Server and Oracle. Further details are described in Newsletter 05.

Download - Newsletter 05

Juli 2018

comicon GmbH discontinues business operations

Dear customers,
comicon GmbH has closed its business operations on 30.06.2018 after 23 years. On behalf of comicon, I would like to thank all our customers for their loyalty for many years. From now on, comicon products will continue to be supported by other companies. The rights to the complete automation software - SFC automation, FatLab, Peak-O-Mat and cConnect - were sold to LAIX Technologies. Please contact LAIX Technologies for questions, information and orders:

LAIX Technologies UG | Am Fasanenhang 5 | 52379 Langerwehe/Germany
Tel. +49(0)2409 48798 07 | Fax +49(0)2409 48798 08 • info@laix-tech.de

Dr. Cullmann Consulting acquired the rights to the software Oil-Expert.net and Oil-Inspector.
Dr. Cullmann Consulting will continue to develop and maintain the two software products.

Best regards from Hamburg
Hans Cullmann